Turbo, Exhaust and General Race Fabrication




After having completed over 100 Mazda MX5 turbo conversions as well as building and tuning dozens of naturally aspirated and supercharged cars we are confident to promise excellent results and big power, even with a standard engine.
The MX5 is the worlds best selling sportscar and has a worldwide cult following and so has many options for improvement. NitroDann has developed a Turbocharger kit and ECU package for NA and NB models which allow the very highest power output on even standard engines  (up to 250rwhp!), with OEM reliability, driveability and economy. Our TwistMount turbocharger kit has even been featured on Mighty Car Mods!

Engines Recently Boosted by Nitro Dann

  • “Quality work and excellent customer service. Talked me through exactly what was done and what was required. Excellent value for money!!”

    Hayden Carter – Facebook, 2016

  • Dann was able to book me in quickly and did everything while I waited, amazing quality work and a great price too… Highly recommend Nitro Dann!!!

    Trent Bradshaw – Facebook, 2016

  • Great knowledge about the work he does and a real enthusiasm for making Mazdas go fast.

    Jeremy Dawes – Facebook, 2016

  • Our Nitro Dann Twist mount combo had its first run at SMP North. Very good throttle response makes power right through the rev range and run to 7000RPM in 6th gear 240kph. Very pleased with the results.

    Keith Hammond – Facebook, 2016

  • Thanks for the great work dan! Car looks and sounds so flippin good!

    Alex Bruce – Facebook, 2016

  • You've done a fantastic job on my haltech, rate 11/10.

    Ed Crowley – Facebook, 2016

  • Time, money, aggravation.... All saved, just speak to Nitro Dann

    Nevyn72 – MX5 Cartalk, 2015

  • It's my 3rd Mx5 and my 2nd turbo charged one. Its performance is nothing like my last two, I'm blown away. Literally awestruck the first hairpin Ian took me through. I found it scary and amazing the speed this thing could carry through corners and then explodes out the other end with a push of the throttle.

    Slyfix2151 – MX5 Cartalk

  • NitroDann's 3 exhaust is your best "bang-for-buck" aftermarket SE exhaust and he takes pride it his work - thoroughly recommended. The turbo and manifold are beautifully tucked away and it really does look OEM. The exhaust is very impressive.

    Lokiel – MX5 Cartalk, 2014-2016

  • The work that Dann's done on Diablo has been nothing short of excellent work. Diablo has really become a complete package. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the work that Dann did. I got a sense that he couldn't tolerate imperfection. According to my research, I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Dann.

    Victor Lee – MX5 Cartalk, 2015

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