About Us

Since 2013 we have performed well over 100 turbocharger conversions for street use with full RMS compliance and also hardcore track only Mazdas from every state on the east coast.

From our Mazda turbocharging centrepiece the TwistMount manifold and downpipe package and off the shelf cooling and exhaust upgrades to small custom jobs and dyno tuning, we are your one stop shop for all your performance and fabrication needs.

Call email or facebook us for any custom race fabrication estimate and have a look at our custom fabrication portfolio HERE.



After having completed over 100 Mazda MX5 turbo conversions as well as building and tuning dozens of naturally aspirated and supercharged cars we are confident to promise excellent results and big power, even with a standard engine.
The MX5 is the worlds best selling sportscar and has a worldwide cult following and so has many options for improvement. NitroDann has developed a Turbocharger kit and ECU package for NA and NB models which allow the very highest power output on even standard engines  (up to 250rwhp!), with OEM reliability, driveability and economy. Our TwistMount turbocharger kit has even been featured on Mighty Car Mods!