250+ rwhp Turbo Package!

  • 250+rwhp, way more than double the factory output !
  • NitroDann Twistmount
  • GT2860r Turbocharger
  • Braided oil feed, sleeved return
  • Intake kit
  • Front mount intercooler package
  • Turbosmart BOV recirculated
  • Megasquirt PnP ECU
  • ID1000s
  • Exedy HD clutch
  • Full 3″ stainless street legal exhaust
  • Installed setup and tuned, drive in drive out. 100% track ready 250rwhp.
  • NA6, NA8 and NB8a – From $9,500
  • NB8b – From $10,500
  • NB SE – From $10,000

Road Rego Package

  • Genuine Magnaflow 3″ stainless Euro4 catalytic converter
  • Extra large straight through muffler for volume compliance
  • Legal intake kit with fabricated aluminium airbox for Engineering
  • Recirculated BOV for Engineering
  • Additional tuning and testing for Emissions compliance
  • Emissions test completed, passed and paid for
  • Sound test completed, passed and paid for
  • Weigh bridge certificate tested and paid for
  • PlateTronic brake test completed, passed and paid for
  • Corner weight test completed, passed and paid for
  • All engineering photographs of build details documented
  • Engineers report to keep in the car
  • RMS report to show the RMS (rta)
  • Drive in drive out with your turbo kit!
  • $2699 fixed fee

Race Ready Now!

Add a race upgrade package to keep your turbo sealed up, your engine cool, and your intercooler free from oil.

  • Inconel race turbo stud package with Stage8 Locknuts and Resbond locking compound (full set of 9) to 100% eliminate exhaust leaks once and for all
  • Mishimoto 42mm aluminium race radiator
  • NitroDann full reroute kit
  • NitroDann Catch can kit
  • All installed at the same time as your turbo kit on all NA and NB MX5s.
  • $1799