Terms and Conditions


NitroDann take great pride in the quality of our workmanship and provide you with a personalised service on our workmanship. You can be rest assured that your car is in good hands. We hereby undertake to rectify at our discretion, any faults which may be attributed to our workmanship or the products supplied by NitroDann.


Contact Nitro Dann and arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be inspected and bring your original invoice.


As every project is unique, and in order to achieve the greatest results for your project, we need to work together to achieve the best result.

Before starting work, NitroDann will first analyse and understand the customer requirements, helping us to prepare through effective communication, and allowing us to plan the required time and the resources to achieve the best possible result.

NitroDann will set realistic estimates for costs and timeframe, we will communicate often and effectively, we will maintain our excellent workmanship, and relentlessly pay attention to detail in order to ensure the best possible result.

We cannot be held responsible for the costs of any maintenance, repair, or modification to any pre-existing parts and/or systems required in order to achieve the results you’ve specified. You will be informed as soon as we find any issues, including photographs and approximate cost to remedy the issue.

We cannot be held responsible for any parts which you choose to supply. However, if we believe they are unsuitable, incomplete, damaged or faulty then we will inform you as soon as we know and from there will discuss the options and the time and financial costs associated to find a solution.

To meet the above needs and to ensure we are setup to achieve success, we ask that you understand these terms and conditions, and that by accepting this estimate, you will be agreeing to them.


In order for us to ensure everything is ready to go when your project arrives, we ask for a 50% deposit on the quoted amount before we book in your project.


Payment is due in full upon delivery and/ or completion of work. Payment not made by the date of the invoice may incur interest at 3.5% per month on the overdue balance and interest shall accrue on a daily basis starting from the due date. NitroDann reserves the right to repossess and/or hold any vehicle until the account is brought up-to-date.


NitroDann quality guarantee excludes the following:

Insufficient or incorrect oil & or lubricants used by the customer. Misuse, abuse, overloading, accidents or negligence. Failure to carry out proper maintenance. Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling by another party. Second hand parts purchased from wreckers or second hand dealers at customers request. Parts supplied by customer. Refusal by customer to follow recommended guidelines for additional/preventative servicing or parts.