• “Quality work and excellent customer service. Talked me through exactly what was done and what was required. Excellent value for money!!”

    Hayden Carter – Facebook, 2016

  • Dann was able to book me in quickly and did everything while I waited, amazing quality work and a great price too… Highly recommend Nitro Dann!!!

    Trent Bradshaw – Facebook, 2016

  • Great knowledge about the work he does and a real enthusiasm for making Mazdas go fast.

    Jeremy Dawes – Facebook, 2016

  • Our Nitro Dann Twist mount combo had its first run at SMP North. Very good throttle response makes power right through the rev range and run to 7000RPM in 6th gear 240kph. Very pleased with the results.

    Keith Hammond – Facebook, 2016

  • Thanks for the great work dan! Car looks and sounds so flippin good!

    Alex Bruce – Facebook, 2016

  • You've done a fantastic job on my haltech, rate 11/10.

    Ed Crowley – Facebook, 2016

  • Time, money, aggravation.... All saved, just speak to Nitro Dann

    Nevyn72 – MX5 Cartalk, 2015

  • It's my 3rd Mx5 and my 2nd turbo charged one. Its performance is nothing like my last two, I'm blown away. Literally awestruck the first hairpin Ian took me through. I found it scary and amazing the speed this thing could carry through corners and then explodes out the other end with a push of the throttle.

    Slyfix2151 – MX5 Cartalk

  • NitroDann's 3 exhaust is your best "bang-for-buck" aftermarket SE exhaust and he takes pride it his work - thoroughly recommended. The turbo and manifold are beautifully tucked away and it really does look OEM. The exhaust is very impressive.

    Lokiel – MX5 Cartalk, 2014-2016

  • The work that Dann's done on Diablo has been nothing short of excellent work. Diablo has really become a complete package. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the work that Dann did. I got a sense that he couldn't tolerate imperfection. According to my research, I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Dann.

    Victor Lee – MX5 Cartalk, 2015

  • Thanks Dann. The workmanship is absolutely stand out.

    Ivan You – MX5 Cartalk, 2013

  • 1st impressions... WOW! I set him a pretty difficult task, I wanted a car that would be great at the track, fun on the street but still easy enough to drive that my wife, who hates modified cars, could get in it and drive it. He has nailed it! Not knowing what to expect drove away and my 1st thought was, my wife will love this. You cannot tell that it's modified other than that beautiful sound coming from the exhaust. But when I did finally plant my foot, HOLY S?! T! It f'ing goes! As for the drivability, it's better than its ever been. The quality of his work is fantastic and shows the pride that he places in his finished product.

    Juicy HiC – MX5 Cartalk, 2015-2016

  • I would like to say a huge thank you to NitroDann. How does it sound? Astonishing. Completely unobtrusive when cruising around daily, no drone, not loud but audible… There are a quite a few people who can vouch for how amazing it is, shoots flames and everything. Phenomenal product and responsible for a massive power gain haha. The car is amazing. It's so awesome I'm really happy with it!

    Emily – MX5 MX5 Cartalk, 2014-2016

  • Thanks Dann. Fab work on the manifold and 'cooler piping was fantastic as always. So after a week of driving Apu around, the delivery is really smooth and the car feels like it's came out of the factory as it is. I'm delighted with the outcome.

    Apu – MX5 Cartalk, 2014

  • First of all I have to say, I'm genuinely impressed with the quality of work by Dann. Could have stood there chatting with him for hours, so much knowledge! So verdict is in: WOW! Picked the car up from Dan and I'm very impressed! Went for a good run and let the wife have a drive yesterday and she loved it! Big grin and the nod of approval! Win! Dann has been pretty awesome and very helpful during and after the while install process.


  • The car drives just like a standard 1800 at light throttle, with hardly any hint of being turboed. As soon as throttle is applied there is almost instant response. The torque curve feels linear according to throttle position. When full throttle is applied acceleration is very strong and the car lunges forward with no wheel spin. The torque is certainly there, but doesn't give the feeling that it is trying to rip the drive train apart. Even when punching through the gears and planting full throttle the car is stable and doesn't brake traction. We feel the car will make a very fast track car with a good set of semi slicks and good quality brake pads.


  • Dann has come to the party with a cracker of a legal, super high quality full system. Nice work Dann… You Rock. Thank you very much Dann. Its a pleasure to work with someone with this kind of knowledge and passion. Dann built it to pass emissions and did a corker of a job.

    Bear2230 – MX5 Cartalk forum, 2015

  • Big thanks to Nitro Dann for all the support and tuning over the recent years, top bloke and really good at what he does. Custom Nitro Dann turbo manifold, exhaust, intercooler piping, and tune = fast and reliable ~280whp daily driven street car.

    Chrons Rotary

  • Great work Dann - you're hitting home runs all over the place right now, can't wait to see what pops out of your shop next! Dann was great to work with. Very patient. And if you've ever spoken with him, you'll know how good he is at explaining the intricacies of tuning and why he does what he does. This was my first real interaction with Dann and it gave me great confidence in trusting my car to him. Dann is a one-stop shop, and if you're in Sydney it's a no-brainer to me! So close, so convenient. Just discuss what you want your end result to be and I'm sure you'll be happy.

    ManiacLachy – MX5 Cartalk forum, 2016

  • Dann makes them so easy to drive, my missus drove my so Ken's car (very similar setup to Ian's) back from the last Kempsey hillclimb to newcastle in the rain, she said "whats the fuss?"

    Noobie – MX5 Cartalk forum, 2016

  • In fact I shipped the poor guy more than 1000km away to see everyone’s favourite fabricator. It felt really great when Dann rode shotgun for my first drive. I must have been twelve when I last smiled like that. All his mechanical skills aside, I can't say enough good things about how Dann conducts himself. I was updated in real time with photos and phone calls, everything was run by me, both good news and bad. He puts the big names in ECU tuning and fabrication to shame when it comes to treating his customers right. Well worth the money to have the car worked on by someone so far away. It's quiet. Like, really quiet. Quiet as in probably 40% more quiet than it was NA with just the RS*R Power muffler. This is something I really wanted Dann to achieve, and he pulled it off almost magically.

    SMy003 – MX5 Cartalk, 2016

  • Is 300+whp rough, hard to handle or a wheel-spinning waste of fuel? Nope. I have experienced what billybunter and IanR have been on about - tuned right it's super easy to drive.


  • Power now is much smoother and runs hard to redline without fluctuations in boost and mixture. Plus power is much more dependent on throttle position, where before even 1/3 throttle would get 14psi in the midrange, which is not smooth and easily modulated. Nitro Dann has done a brilliant job fitting the flex sensor up under the tank with all the right connections and wiring it into the ecu. Thanks goes to NitroDann for organising the engine rebuild at short notice. Dann and his team of mech/builders/machinists/dyno tuners have got me a great result. Very happy with how this has turned out, It's functional, emissions compliant and looks super tidy! Brilliant. Its a freaking missile; having all the right internal and bolt on parts is not what makes the car, NitroDann has made it with the tuning. Clearly Dann has mastered tuning these turbos for drive ability, he did explain how he uses the ecu to make the turbo do things that translate to a great driving experience that is easy to modulate without missing out on what the motor can make. Yet again Dann's work and willingness to make sure it's right was brilliant!

    IanR – MX5 Cartalk forum, 2016

  • Without doubt of all the cars I've owned easily the best high performance car I have ever dríven in my life.” 10/10 for the build 10/10 for ease of drive ability 10/10 for meeting the quoted target figures Also I really have to give credit to Nitro Dann. He really did do one really great build and tune on this beast. So to sum up this guy Dann is the man.

    BillyBunter – MX5 Cartalk forum, 2016